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Exceed standards for BIM Level 2 by applying principles of lean to your existing workflows in Common Data Environment (CDE). Visual management software for BIM helps you continuously improve by visualizing bottlenecks and removing waste from your process.

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Visually create, share and issue the production information within a Common Data Environment (CDE) using visual management software for BIM

Excess time spent on locating status information is a primary reason BIM teams began using visual project management tools
such as Kanban, as opposed to traditional tools that do not provide instant project visibility. Seeing the work, rather than reading about it, helps people quickly comprehend a larger amount of information. It’s a human nature to perceive and organize changes much better when we visualize them.

Go Lean

PAS1192-2 requires: “Wherever possible, the principles of Lean should be applied to reduce the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the employer.”

The core of the BIM delivery process is the concept of the Common Data Environment (CDE), that allows information to be shared between all members of the project team.

Processing work through the CDE.
Traditional data management tool (ProjectWise Explorer): the project data is presented in a list way.

Eliminate Waste

BIM teams create, share and issue the production information within a CDE, as required by PAS1192-2. Traditional list-based data management tools, such as Bentley ProjectWise or Autodesk Vault, do a good job of storing information. However, there is one major downfall to using their workflow management features: they are not visual.

Save Time

Lean4Team applies Lean methodology to BIM processes, trying to maximize customer value while minimizing waste of time that it takes to collect the status. Whether you are a team member, a team leader or an external stakeholder—the concept of collecting status is very important. Status updates are difficult to manage, and teams spend hours in status meetings. Meanwhile, management struggles to know who is doing what work and when. Lean4Team cuts down the time it takes you to collect status.

Kanban software for BIM
Lean4Team: your workflow is presented in a visual way.

Lean and BIM have a very good synergic fit. The implementation of BIM should not be organized as a stand-alone initiative—all the efficiencies inherent in BIM can hardly be pressed out without embedding modelling within a lean construction environment.

Lauri Koskela
Professor of Construction and Project Management, University of Huddersfield

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